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As of Wednesday, April 25, we have 27 events listed in 4 nations, including 9 organizations.

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1 South norwalk bridge Norwalk, Ct United States Norwalk
Where standing: Meet near the maritime aquarium parking lot at the base of the bridge at 12:30 pm and walk as a group down Washington Street take a right on main st. Gather on steps to old city hall at 1 pm for speakers. All are welcome. Sponsored by wilton Quaker meeting.
The good emerging: Awareness of Black Lives Matter, the Dreamers and the Parkland movements. More women are running for office. Tammy Duckworth can take her baby to work in the US Senate. I recently heard the call of Nobel peace prize winners for us to ask all who seek public office: What will u do to end poverty? What will u do about climate change and what will u do to eliminate nuclear weapons eliminate nuclear weapons
2 Albuquerque New Mexico United States
Where standing: At my home. I don't have anyone else at this time, but would love to join with others in this area! Ella Joan
3 Chicago Illinois United States
Where standing: I will stand in my home. I’m planning to invite my daughter & 2 grandchildren to stand with me. Thank you all.
The good emerging: The good in my particular life as well as in the burgeoning lifeblood of all the peoples of the globe includes: •the vibrant souls & passions of my - and others I see - children & grandchildren •the young high school people who are speaking so strongly & vehemently & passionately & with such glorious conviction & COMMITMENT (so enervating!) about violence in their world •the wonderful comforting growing interest in & commitment (love that) to the art of slowing down, waking up, staying awake & paying attention to what the mind is paying attention to - I’m finally taking this to heart & striving to embrace meditation practice •”pay-it-forward” enterprises that support all manner of compassionate giving, homeless community included •many more....
4 Reynoldsburg Ohio United States
Where standing: Standing for the true Mother's Day ,first proposed by Julia Ward Howe, with a Declaration of Peace after the carnage of the American Civil War. Myself and others will be standing in the front yard of the Unitarian Universalist East churchhouse. All are welcome to come and increase the strength of the peace meditation. Bring a bell to ring.
The good emerging: Learning to listen and work with others towards the common goals of a sustainable environment and a kind, nurturing society.
5 Los Angeles California United States
Where standing: 9635 Venice Blvd In front of the Culver City Masonic Lodge I will step out of the Fumbling Towards Ecstasy dance class for 5 min at 1pm pacific time to join.
The good emerging: I am committed to dancing with the differences, instead of resolving each issue, in relationship. Freedom!
6 Costa Rica
Where standing: Thanks for reminding me of this special day for all the women of the world to continue to stand tall. I will be with all of you in spirit.
7 San Francisco California United States
Where standing: I will stand with Pam in Oklahoma and Peggy in North Carolina.
8 fairfax, CA California United States none
Where standing: I will stand at he Children's playground on this date & time. Sending you love & light, Lucinda Browning
The good emerging: What points to a better future? I Would say the children. This is the world they will inherit.
9 Saskatoon Canada
10 North Port Florida United States NA
Where standing: 4491 Adelaide Ave, North Port, Florida, My front yard.
The good emerging: I have stood with you now for about 4 years. I am a proud mother and Nana. I stand for my precious grand children’s world. I’ve been retired now for almost 20 years and am grateful to be able to represent my family.
11 Golborne Warrington, Cheshire United Kingdom
Where standing: Our group will reconvene this year in the garden of my new home. Lots of little ones come and join in eagerly. The usual agreement at the end of the 5 minutes is "Oh, I wish we could have stood for longer" but then the buffet food comes out and we party together in thoughtfulness, unity and love. It's a beautiful event and, when I couldn't do it for a couple of years, it was much missed. Glad to be back! Blessings on everyone, everywhere.
The good emerging: I see kindness everywhere, every day. It's even cropping up in our advertising in the UK. A building society's ads talk about "the currency of kindness", and our animal charity, RSPCA is now encouraging kindness to name but two examples of mainstream shifts in thinking. How wonderful. We aren't called HumanKIND for nothing, it was always meant to be this way. Bless your life with kindness, given and received.
12 SEQUIM Washington United States SEQUIM
Where standing: Conrado and heronheart stand together w/ our hands raised in gratitude for our GRAND CHILDREN! may they always be safe and know how much they are loved. We also stand and send our prayers into all Directions for ALL THE CHILDREN OF CREATOR and the EARTH MOTHER ~ all creatures who live on her Sacred Land, Air and Waters! May we all join our minds and hearts that our Beauty full home, our planet be honored, protected and healed. We will stand on a promontory overlooking the Sacred Salish Sea and Kulshan mountain, on the Olympic Peninsula near Sequim, WA.
The good emerging: the clock ticks for potus
13 Georgetown Texas United States Sun City Stander
Where standing: I will stand at the Koi Pond in Sun City by myself or with friends who I will invite.
The good emerging: Our Democratic club march's for right and has grown to 500 members now. We meet at meetings, are pro-active and discuss how to elect those who will better our world. We carry positive slogans for the world when we march in Austin and we make phone calls to government officials, send postcards our to inform the public of who to vote for and we sign many petitions.
14 Kansas City Missouri United States
Where standing: I will be in Miliazzo Park by myself.
The good emerging: Women are speaking more frequently and more publicly about sexual assault. Young people are supporting and advocating for each other, rather than waiting on government or older generations to do so.
15 Lake Worth Florida United States
Where standing: I will stand in Lake Worth's Cultural Plaza, next to the Martin Luther King memorial, Sunday May 13, 1 pm. So grateful for the worldwide company standing with me...
The good emerging: I have a sense of the energy connecting us all, a sense of a loving inner quality that is present like a steady glow, no matter the differences in behavior or opinion between us. I am convinced we are all coordinated expressions of That, each playing out our part of a Universal Potential.
16 Sarasota Florida United States
17 Soquel California United States
Where standing: I will be standing in my garden with my wife, Antonia.
18 Worthington Massachusetts United States
Where standing: On the 13th, EarthSpirit gathers women to reflect on peace in our lives and to reclaim the origins of Mother's Day. We will be standing by the garden and all people are welcome to join us.
The good emerging: I see barriers dropping, and inclusivity increasing. I see a better future as young people are stepping up and moving forward in many ways from activism to education. Also more people are realizing that we cannot be disconnected from the natural world. We are part of the web of life.
19 Berkeley Springs West Virginia United States Link to site
Where standing: Berkeley Springs State Park- Washington and Fairfax Street, near the Gazebo. The women and children of Unity of Berkeley Springs and the men who love and support them will stand.
The good emerging: In our community I see compassionate activism. I see people coming together to support the homeless, families in crisis, individuals and families needing better nutrition. I see women coming together to support and empower each other. I see the leaders of the faith communities coming together to share common goals and see beyond differences.
20 Santa Fe New Mexico United States
Where standing: I will be standing in my yard surrounded by my beloved mountains.

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